Industrial / Heavy Sewing

What we can do


Not sure if it can be repaired or if it can be made? Need a Prototype? Every shop you call shrugs it's shoulders and has no clue? Just ask if we can. We may have done it already! Things like Electrical Contact Sewing for Carbon based heating elements, Special Beer Cart covers that will outlast anything China could ever build. Prototype a pouch for airport security needs. Drum kit bag repairs. Covers for Telescopes 3 stories tall. Flying Boat Cover. Yes we have done all the above and much more.

You won't know if you Don't Ask!


Thousands of times we heard " I didn't think you would or could do that". You would be surprised. Doesn't mean we will do anything and everything just means we know our limits and take on more then the average shop. 

Bring it in or give a call


You won' t know if you do not ask. We are happy to take a look and see if it is something we can or can not do. But we are willing to look at it. If we do not do it maybe we can point you in the right direction or what to search for.